MDSC (myeloid derived suppressor cells) 

These cells are known to participate in the creation of an immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment

  • These cells prevent immune detection and destruction of cancer cells
  • However they are difficult to isolate from tumor samples and maintain in the laboratory
  • We have developed a method to create MDSCs from normal human monocytes. These laboratory generated MDSCs exhibit the cell surface markers and immune suppressive function of tumor derived MDSCs
  • With these cells, we are able to identify specific MDSC membrane proteins that will serve as targets for their destruction within tumors. These cells will also be used to define cellular processes that will allow us to convert these immunosuppressive cells back to harmless monocytes

T Regulatory Cells (Tregs) 

Normal function of these cells is to prevent immune attack of our own tissues

  • Tumor cells attract and “highjack” Tregs to use them to prevent immune attack
  • ITeos has generated antibodies directed against one Treg cell surface marker (TIGIT) which are engineered to destroy tumor Tregs
  • We have defined a second membrane target upon tumor Tregs that is also being used to create fully human monoclonal antibodies to destroy Tregs within specific cancer types