New Targets

iTeos Therapeutics is developing new drug candidates which target the tumor microenvironment to enhance the effectiveness of immune cells at eradicating cancer.

Immunotherapy is a breakthrough approach in the treatment of cancer that seeks to educate the immune system to recognize and eliminate the tumor. iTeos Therapeutics is leveraging its expertise in tumor immunology, translational medicine and drug discovery to design the next wave of immuno-therapies.

Building on the pioneering work of the Ludwig Cancer Research (LICR) and de Duve Institute (UCL, Belgium), iTeos is aiming to unlock the full potential of immunotherapy by improving the frequency, depth and duration of response, and by extending therapeutic benefit to more patients.

iTeos is expanding its pipeline focused on multiple complementary mechanisms of action as we also clinically test our small molecule antagonists targeting the A2A receptor as well as antibodies directed to TIGIT.