The Pipeline

iTeos’ pipeline addresses key unmet needs in immuno-oncology by targeting immuno-metabolism and immunosuppressive cells of the tumor micro-environment. These programs include:

  • Adenosine A2A receptor antagonist, a potential best-in-class, in early phase clinical trials
  • TIGIT immune checkpoint blocking antibody, about to begin clinical testing

iTeos focuses on selected key mechanisms by which the immune system is suppressed in the tumor microenvironment. The identification of these mechanisms is based on gene expression profiles of immune cell subsets as they recognize tumor cell targets, protein expression in human tumors and demonstration of proof of concept by blocking these mechanisms in a variety of preclinical models.

iTeos continues to work on target discovery to fuel its expanding portfolio of therapeutic programs in immune-oncology. iTeos has developed an innovative in vitro phenotyping screening assay that mimics the tumor microenvironment. This target identification platform is used to identify novel targets and rational combinations with our current programs. Collaborations to allow access to patient tumors and to profile the immune cells within will allow us to provide the relevant disease context for our current and future targets.

Pipeline information

Product candidate Target Lead ID Preclinical Phase 1 Phase 2